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Mocana Yoga was born in the natural beauty of Cape Town South Africa. Created by yogis, and used by teachers and practitioners worldwide, Mocana Yoga is devoted to making our yoga practices stay simple, grounded, and elevated with confidence. 


Extra Grip for Confidence

Non-slip and grippy, Mocana mats give you that extra confidence to ground into your practice.


Alignment Guide for Focus

Laser-etched for durability, your Mocana mat provides a simple alignment line to help you center, focus and flow.


We share your concerns for the health of our planet and we've gone to great lengths to ensure Mocana mats align with our shared values. All our mats are PVC free, use no toxic inks or glues, and will biodegrade in 1 to 5 years in normal landfill conditions. When you buy Mocana products you are supporting conscious manufacturing.

All Colors Nimbus Pack.jpg
All Colors Nimbus Pack.jpg

Mocana Nimbus Mat

Elevate your yoga Practice with our premium Mocana Nimbus Mat, expertly designed for unparalleled support and a grounded practice. The Nimbus is tailored for both novices and professional yogis with extra space to move. Embodying both functionality and simple design, the Nimbus features a true-grip matte finish with an array of colors to choose from, making it a perfect addition to your yoga spaces.

The Nimbus's spacious design, cushioned surface, and anti-odor, dry-wicking technology keep you comfortable during even the sweatiest yoga classes. Made with all-natural, ethically sourced rubber, this mat is 100% formaldehyde-free, non-toxic, and PVC-free. With its true-grip matte finish and variety of colors, the Mocana Nimbus Mat is not only functional but also stylish. And, with its long-lasting quality and slip-free performance, even professional yogis choose the Mocana Nimbus Mat for their practice. Elevate your yoga experience today with the Mocana Nimbus Yoga Mat.

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